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The Guard Room

The place where one reports for duty..And most importantly read about how things are done here in The Regiment. It is the place to introduce yourself to others of The Regiment, check the duty roster , banter with the officer of the day, exchange knowing glances with the duty corporal..say "hello" , and if new to the regiment this is the place where one receives directions to one's billet ,to the mess and this is where one finds the Orderley Room and one's way to the latrines

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May 28 13 6:32 PM

The Manual of Arms

The place to discus the technical and philosophical nature of warfare, to make observations and to argue points of interest, and to draw to others' attention notable articles and points of interest .This room is divided into areas that reflect the great epochs of history..and a lounge where all the discoursing takes place

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The Parade Ground

The place to announce drills, parades and rehearsals, training days, tattoos and route marches , church parades,field days and days..

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Feb 5 12 11:07 AM

The Quartermaster's Store

A place for the selling , and for the puchasing , of fine items, and the telling to others of where these may be obtained.

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Feb 23 12 10:40 AM

The Armoury , Artificers' Workshop and Magazine

The place to talk construction projects , works in progress and the like

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Feb 16 12 5:16 PM

The Group Builds & Collective Challenges drill ground

In a moment of irreverence almost named it "The Tin-Pot Michelangelo Room" , now that goes back a long way, thank you Wally Kudrycz..

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Feb 19 12 6:06 PM
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