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18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

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Nov 24 11 6:49 AM

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[I'll progressively 'bulk transfer' the posts from the sinking Fortress, then update the whole, specially the links, edit and delete repetitions...]
Edit O3.19. "14 For more recent entries see
Lacepulp and Lacepunk: ques aco?
The 18th C. is 'the Age of Reason' but also that of the 'Lace Wars' ("Shoot first, gentlemen, I pray you." courteously exchanged between officers with doll lace at the collar and cuffs of their shirts - once translated into English, the expression is believed to refer to the lace (tape) on the tricornes and justaucorps).

For 'Pulp' adventures set in the 18th C., Lacepulp can be handy; with reference to 'Cyberpunk' and 'Steampunk', Lacepunk describes SF set in the Age of Enlightenment.

Actually Lacepulp and Lacepunk easily overlap for a part: 'Pulp' adventures are propitious to introducing contraptions / gimmicks. I took the idea of using 'James Bondesque' gadgetry in earlier periods (18th C.) from the 'Wild Wild West' TV series of old; for instance Da Vinci's flying machine (actually a kind of glider) would fit well in a 18th C. 'Pulp' game.

For the time being, the updated links to NPU:
SYW Pulp
Inspiration for 18th C. Pulp?
Mid-18th C. Fantasy / Horror / Pulp
Creature of the month..Werewolf
18th C. werewolves and zombies..
Inspiration for 'A moonlit night in Lusitania' game?
Mid-18th C. Sci-Fi: Lacepunk

EDIT: Lacepulp ("Clockworkpunk") after Lacepunk: Bogdanwaz of Gaslight in the Age of Reason and Ben Franklin's War fame started posting on his blog the extremely promising AAR of a 'Colonial Gothic Horror' adventure: a Devil in Jersey

Btw, Foundry female Revenant Elves

(with 'normalized' ears) would make great 18th C. witches or (kept as such?) female vampires?

See also: Cosmos 1756 - Maurice de Saxe on Mars? Swashbuckling on Mars (or in Mu):

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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Nov 24 11 8:17 PM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

I like it

"You have no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions. You're dangerous and depraved, and you ought to be taken outside and shot!" Joseph Heller

"Whew. Man, look, I gotta get out of here, man. Now we - we got things we want to do, man, like - I just - uh - I gotta get out of here, man."
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Nov 25 11 7:38 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

SYW Pulp: how it began

SYW Pulp
Postby Pz. Ferdinand » August 23rd, 2009, 3:25 pm

There has been a lot of discussion lately about pulp fiction style games and I thought I`d have a go at combining two of my interests in an experimental game- the Seven Years War and werewolves. The description below is of a game played on Friday night with two players controlling the forces of "good" and myself running the forces of evil. The game went pretty much according to plan but I could do with some advice regarding certain aspects of this style of game so that I can develop it beyond the experimental. Below the description I have posed a number of questions. I would like to get feedback on from anyone with suggestions to make.

The general idea is inspired by the true-life story of Countess(?) Eleanora Schwartzenberg who lived in a castle not far from Prague, kept wolves and was widely thought to be a vampire. Upon her death, the peasants went about digging up graves and decapitating corpses until the Empress told them to cut it out- or else!

In my version, the Countess has passed over as a vampire and dominates the creepy little walled town below her old castle whose inhabitants have all been converted to werewolves. The town is in a basin protected by mountain passes that are often missed in the mist and so the townsfolk get few incoming visitors and even fewer outbound travellers!

Time- 1757

Place- A walled village in Bohemia, a land at the mercy of marauding Prussian columns and counter marauding groups of Austrian regulars and light troops.

The Prussian hussars started in occupation of the creepy town where they were seeking refuge from Pandours, having been cut off from their main body. The detachment consisted of 16 troopers (Eureka dismounted Saxon hussar figures in colbacks) , a sergeant (one player) , a Leutnant ( the other player ) and a random Freikorps officer. The Leutnant and sergeant each had 8 troopers under command.

The sergeant character was told her character`s aim was to acquire plunder. So, one of her troopers broke into a house and there was a commotion resulting in a dead householder. The noise attracted other citizens who broke curfew and rushed in. Soon there was almost a riot with about 8 citizens battling four hussars. The hussars resorted to firearms and restored order but at the risk of instigating a general uprising-which didn`t occur on the die-roll.

Things settled down for the night. Half the hussars slept in the church while the other half patrolled or manned vital points. One man only was allocated to guarding the horses which were in the stable attached to the inn, but a long walk from the church.

Things got weird when it got dark- 3 wolves appeared within the town and ran up stairs to get onto the wall walkway. The wolves sprinted around the walls towards the front end of the town where some sentries were posted looking back along the road which was thought to be the most likely danger point (ie from Pandours). The wolves could not yet be seen and so the sentries could not react. Also, a bat flew in from a nearby watch tower and landed on the walkway between two sentries.

A wolf suddenly lunged out of the darkness at a sentry who panicked and ran. His companion, however, not being the immediate target of the charging wolf took aim with his carbine and fired, stopping the wolf cold for a turn. His fleeing companion, meantime, did more poorly, running straight into the embrace of a diaphanously dressed vampire who stood where only moments before, the aforementioned bat had landed (funnily enough, the bat hadn`t been dressed at all- they never explain this in movies).Seeing this, the hussar who had just fired his carbine scrambled down the wall and ran towards the church calling out to his comrades as he went.

In the cemetary outside the town, a ghostly figure wearing medieval costume arose from a grave and glided towards the town.

Although perhaps not completely understanding everything that was happening, the other sentries at least realised that something was happening and that it had nothing to do with Pandours. Two hussars dropped off the wall and just avoided snapping jaws to lock themselves in the stables with the one man on duty there, to bring the stables garrison up to three. The other men in the streets all managed to get into the church and barricade themselves in. Inside the church the Leutnant and the sergeant conferenced at length ( and I do mean at bloody great length). Finally, it was agreed that they were under siege by werewolves supported by a vampire and that in order to survive, they would have to arm themselves appropriately. Fortuitously, the Leutnant had elected to use the church as his HQ and it was amply garrisoned with the bulk of his detachment. Here they could make the necessary weapons to fight back- wooden pews and furniture to make staves for the vampire and silver candelabra etc to melt down for silver bullets.

The ghost glided into the town.

Outside, the streets were now filled with prowling wolves.

The Leutnant was concerned about the horses and how long they would stay safe. Without them, he and his men would be trapped whatever the outcome of this night. It would take time to get a fire going inside the church of sufficient intensity to melt silver. So, the Freikorps officer and half of the men were sent out on a foray to the stables whilst the remainder attended to weapon preparation. The sallying group looked like they were headed for disaster as they hadn`t been equipped with stakes, the silver bullets hadn`t been made yet and they were heading right into the vampire and 4 or 5 of her wolf friends. Just at this moment there was a fortuitous intervention by the renowned Dutch vampire hunter, Van Helsing and his side kick who had been travelling for a long time to get to this town to knock off the vampire countess. The Prussians and Van Helsing were all very lucky and managed to hold off the charging wolves- the troopers could only temporarily halt the beasts with their lead bullets but Van Helsing had come prepared. So, after defeating that group of beasties and killing the vampire in hand to hand combat, the group got to the safety of the stables. There a number of them mounted and came galloping out towards the church just as the Leutnant and his remaining men burst out of the doors firing silver bullets in every direction.

The werewolves waiting for them at the church were all gunned down which, when added to the pile of wolf pelts near the stable and the dead vampire- meant the Prussians had won a decisive victory against the forces of darkness (unless you were an Austrian in which case you`d say the Prussians were the forces of darkness).

Meanwhile, the ghost that had glided into the town and kept the players somewhat in suspense, just glided back on out again- it had been a harmless apparition- nothing more.

So, maybe some ideas on;

1. terrain- what do others do for buildings- should all buildings have detachable roofs or is there some other mechanism that will work for indoors action for those of us not having such luxuries?
2. use of event cards?
3. mechanism for movement/firing/morale rules/
4. I`d like to be able to develop this into a game for 6 or more players- will that work and if so, how?
5. what` is a good max. no. of figures per player for this sort of game?
6. do you let figures accumulate wounds and suffer effects or just kill off with a hit? If the former, is it a pain to record,or not?
7. anything anyone cares to bring up?"

. . .
A topic already tackled on the Rum Corps Tavern:
The Cardinal launched a thread on TMP:
Which, as we know, is at the origin of the famous 'On a moonlit night in Pangaea....' adventure

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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Nov 27 11 6:06 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

Lacepunk ¿? Mid-18th C. being (in Europe) the Age of the 'Lace Wars', and Victorian Sci-Fi being, if not exactly the same, to a large extent overlapping with 'Steampunk' as 'Sci-Fi in the Age of Steam'.

On my blog, to keep all informations relative to a given topic together I tend to treat each post as a 'folder', with the initial messages (generally edited & amplified afterwards) as the first 'file' in the folder, and to add new 'files' as *comments*. Totally Google-reader unfriendly, since the updates are not spotted, but a complement to 'labels' to easily and exhaustively retrieve later all informations relevant to a given subject.
Thus my 'Lace Wars Sci-Fi and Fantasy' post of sept. 2009 has more than trebled and is developed in now (by dec. 28."10) 74 comments about diverse (yet hopefully relevant) topics:
10-some very recent ones (somehow I'm now limited to 4,096 characters / comment) are devoted to suggestions about the adaptation of Japanese 'Hellsing' to a mid-18th C. (quasi-)European setting (such as Pangaea... and to what miniatures are propitious to conversions to specific characters & types....
Older comments try to address, at least on a preliminary level:
Earthlings on Mars, Martians, origin and nature of life on Mars,
Christian clergy on Mars: missionaries or demon hunters;
Munchausenian steamtanks & APC, air power and H&M warfare;
Demons and political correctness, biology and ethics of vampires, reproductive strategy of long-lived species (Elves...),
minis and painting for 18th C. vampires, werewolves and undeads, aluminium and 'supernatural' creatures;
War Hammer Chaos Gods <-> 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse <-> 3 'functions' of Indo-European mythologies, the 5th Rider;
Computer engines and automatons orchestras;
Wargaming in the 'Monster Blood Tattoo' Half-Continent;
SYW Horror / Pulp [btw, latest relevant TMP thread: (with links)];
Voodoo vs Hollywood, 'true' zombies vs ghouls; choice, conversion, painting an 'weathering' of the appropriate minis.
18th C. roused rabble and rioting / avenging mob: appropriate minis.
Munchausenian realization of Da Vinci's designs: Tortoise tank, helicopter, ornithopter...

Hope a few will be intrigued, even interested?

Btw the Russian movie 1622 features an interesting tank, though the power source is unclear -then, since the movie also features unicorns (no the howitzer, the fée beast)...
Perpetual motion was indeed seen as a possibility by then -it was still in later times. Since a basic tenet of VSF / Steampunk is that what seemed possible then actually work, such contraption would be functional -if not reliable?- in a Lacepunk setting. Or use Vril energy / Hyperborean (Extra-Terrestrial, ultimately?) heritage for more 'Pulp' spicing -though for the 'libertine' 18th C. I'd have a preference for Orgone, the mysterious sphere can be of orgonite: not out of place in the century that saw Mesmer and Ben Franklin (Leyde jars hand grenades, anyone?) Gallery:

And you can throw in an automaton ('Talos' in Keyes' 'Age of Unreason'?)
Members of the GASLIGHT Yahoo Group can enjoy many more pics in the 'Age of Reason' and 'Ben Franklin Wars' photo albums.

[Three Musketeers - 2011]

Between Lacepulp? and Lacepunk: other possible sources of inspiration:
(ultimately led to; partly related thread:
Melnibonean Elves in the 18th C.:
=> / (convert these: Though I maintain Elves do NOT have pointed ears

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#8 [url]

Nov 27 11 8:29 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

good archeology well done

"You have no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions. You're dangerous and depraved, and you ought to be taken outside and shot!" Joseph Heller

"Whew. Man, look, I gotta get out of here, man. Now we - we got things we want to do, man, like - I just - uh - I gotta get out of here, man."
dare pondus idonea fumo
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Dec 5 11 8:03 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

The scientific "What-if?" at the basis of a Science-Fiction ('Lacepunk' if set in the 18th C.) is generally in the fields of physics / mechanics, allowing functional steam- or antigrav-tanks (according to the period), flying ships, radium rifles and the like.
But in can also be of biological nature.

The quasi-18th C. world of the 'Monster Blood Tattoo' series is not a 'Fantasy' one -despite some misleading vocabulary such as 'alchemists'- but a SF one. /

The inhabitants of the 'Half-Continent' are tremendously advanced (far more than we are to-day) in the fields of applied biology and biochemistry. For instance they monstrous warships (up to almost 300 yards long) are powered by 'muscles'; yes, isolated and grown up muscles. I did not read the books so my doubts may be groundless, but an *isolated* muscle cannot work for long. It needs blood no be fed in glucose and oxygen and get rid of its wastes, carbon dioxide included; meaning it need a heart to pump the blood, lungs where the blood can exchange CO2 for O2, a source of feed for continuous supply of glucose, some form of excretory apparatus to evacuate the wastes (a liver could, for a time, carry out both functions). Wonder if all these requirements are accounted for in the books?

A less far-fetched biological "What-if?" would be the survival of mammoths in Siberia (far less far fetched than the survival of dinosaurs in 'lost worlds' or 'underground continents'): thus the use of war mammoths by a 18th C. 'Sibero-Caucasian' Imagi-Nation would be a modest touch of 'Lacepunk'.

Similarly, survival of Neanderthals, Homo floresiensis or Pithecantropes (remember something of '1M years BC', in addition to Raquel Welch in fur bikini?) or of 'pure blood Ainu in a 7th Continent in the Pacific Ocean... would be soft biological "What-if?".

Some features traditionally deemed 'Fantasy' can be re-interpreted as biological SF: for instance if 18th C. 'Melnibonean' Elves / (btw I maintain Elves don't have pointy ears are not 'magical' creatures of supernatural nature, but a subspecies of Homo sapiens with a few peculiarities and a very xenophobic culture, they belong to 'Lacepunk' (SF) rather than 'Lacepulp' (Fantasy).

Even vampires, werewolves and zombies, if (according to most current descriptions) not at all 'undead' but living people infected by a pathogenic agent (almost a symbiont, in the case of vampires), come within the field of SF: 'I'm a legend' and 'Resident evil' are SF movies, not Fantasy ones.

Meaning that the frontier between 'Lacepulp' and 'Lacepunk' can be blurry at times. A good argument to mix them in an adventure / campaign.

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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Jan 31 12 11:17 PM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

For the time being I keep updating and posting on the NPU Fortress:
Last post: The Priory of Sion as a 'Lacepulp' cult?

(last topics: Galvanic weapons, automatons and... Lost Worlds and cavegirls in fur bikini )

Then, may I add here that Wrath of Kings VSF Herald of Blood , converted with a tricorn, would make a great 18th C. adventuress wielding a short range 'thunderbolt thrower'?

For such 'Benjamin Franklin / Mesmer 'electric' weaponry', among 'Colonel O'Truth''s marvelous VSF models the Galvanic Field Gun ... iness.html (), in animal draught and without many rivets, could appear in a Lace Wars battlefield.

Want automatons? Doctor Who Micro Universe offers two clockwork men

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#11 [url]

Jul 9 12 7:38 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

Bioweapons for Lacepulp / Lacepunk?
Mechanical contraptions are typival of VSF, thus to give 'Lacepunk' (18th C., the time of the 'Lace Wars') an atmosphere / character / 'feeling' clearly different from 'Steampunk' (2nd half of the 19th C.) I'd see *biological* rather than mechanical experiments. 'Frankenstein' is early 19th C., and clearly antedates the 'Victorian Science Fiction' period. (For Carnevale, so much the more as the Doctors of the Ospedale are *medicine* doctors, physicians rather than physicists, biologists but not mechanics

The GW Tyranids bioweapons are silly, firstly because they seem to imply that the Tyranids have absorbed genes for swords, pistols and guns ! But chiefly because they are *held* in 'hand'. Now bioweapons are living organisms, actually ectoparasites of the wielder. They have to be fed -totally, in oxygen as well as in nutriments- just in the same way as an embryo is fed through the placenta. Thus bioweapons would not be held but pulled on *like a glove* and root themselves in the forearm of the wielder through a dense network of tendrils. Like the 'Witchblade' ., but of bone (for the blade) and flesh (for the 'body') with a -rather disgusting- network of tendrils instead of the vambrace.

Such a biowepon could be the cephalothorax of a giant spider put on like a glove -with the mouth and the poisonous chelicerae, and the 8 limbs; spiders produce their silk -sometimes thrown like a retiarius' net- and for some throw a cloud of venomous hairs, with their abdomen, but 'bioengineered' why they could not do it with their front half?
These to arm a human; but variations are unlimited. think of a brainwashed human slave, or a gorilla, with the 'unfolding' mouth of the super-vampires of 'Blade 2' + the 'biting tongue' of the 'Alien' creature... The Carnevale rhino, rather than flexible pipes and other 'steampunk' looking additions, could carry on his back a 'biocannon' -the head of the 'spitting' termite, but the size of a little barrel, and orientable on 270° ...

Many other possibilities spring to mind, for instance:
- a hypertrophied Bombardier Beetle 'fire gland' (close combat fire-thrower): if attached to the back of the hand, leaves the fingers free for other uses, if underhand can be combined with the following type,
-'erectile / retractile' bone sword (along the forearm) or 'interdigital' claws (XMen Wolverine -actually attached as a fingerless mitt for free humans) -of *hardened* bone, 'hypercrystallized', silicon-impregnated, with transmuted diamond edges and point; coated with poison or injecting venom...
- praying mantis whole arm (the spikes poisonous, in addition: the venomous, exodigestive gland of a spider's chelicera inside each?) on a bioconstruct, or extending the arms of a 'free human',
- The venomous octopus of Octopussy would be spectacular worn as a glove, but would desiccate too fast: the venom gland would have to be inside a 'regressed parasitic version /part' of an aerial organism, arthropod (spider cephalothorax?) or vertebrate (eagle claw?) -covered anyway with giant cnidocytes; but of course the stinger can be projected up to 1 yard at blinding speed....

Bioweapons are living organisms, and thus have to be kept alive, fed in nutriments and oxygen, even if 'turned down' to a 'dormant 'state. When carried by animals or 'controlled' bioconstructs (such as the shackheads of the Monster Blood Tattoo universe)
they can be set in place permanently
But if to be used by 'free' humans, how to maintain them when not in use? Maybe in some physiological liquid, the feeding tendrils then functioning also as (inefficient but sufficient, the parasite being as 'inactive' as a snail by dry hot weather) gills? Then, a pig could easily and without harm support more than half a dozen of 'sleeping' parasitic bioweapons.

Biocontructs in miniature

Gary Hunt Amazons: praying mantis girls
Mainly in the context of 'Playing Malifaux in the 18th C.' I posted links to miniatures usable as bioconstructs on TMP and on the 'SYW Pulp' thread on the 'Fortress' forum

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#12 [url]

Jul 18 12 12:47 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

Edited O3.19."14

now on the Lead Adventure Forum:
initiating a specially devoted thread
eagerly answering a question
Hypocritically posted a 'board etiquette' query which was a 'disguised advert' for Lacepulp and Lacepunk
Started a threat about a 'Gothic 3 Musketeers' mostly to suggest to adapt it to the 18th C. (also on TMP
or shamelessly hijacking other threads:
about a 'gothic horror' book
Strange Aeons
Empire of the Dead
2 threads about a 'Werewolf' movie
a 'Lovecraftian' game
a (marvelous) series of fantasy models
or fantasy miniatures
2 threads about miniatures for 'Assassin's Creed III' characters
eagerly answered a query about the 'Colonial Gothic' game
hijacked (again!) a thread about a Werewolf movie

Also on TMP hijacked a 'Lovecraftian' thread:,
a 'Franklin's galvanic weapons' one:
a 'Wargaming in Dinotopia' thread intended for VSF:
and a series of comments to (excellently painted) minis for 'Empire of the Dead'

And launched a '18th C. Empire of the Dead?' and a 'A 18th C. Witcher?' TMP threads,
and 'invaded' the new 18th C. Imagi-Nation board of the 'Rum Corps Tavern'
as well as the new 'Odd fellows' forum:

A TMP post about "1812 - Napoleon on Mars" I hijacked and passed on the '18th C. Imagi-Nations' board and the LAF Then I posted my ramblings about "1745 - Maurice de Saxe on Mars" on Les Royaumes de l'Imagination, the new Odd Fellows Lounge forum and on TMP, where while I was at it I hijacked a thread about Dinotopia

Started a TMP thread about a recent Norwegian movie featuring a Huldra: and seized this opportunity to resurrect a 'Werewolves' one:; topic developed on the RdlI

Mentioned on TMP and the LAF the possible use of PP Cygnar Arcane Tempest Gun Mages' as 'alternate 18th C. SWAT'

2013: took a film Indiegogo as an excuse to resurrect old 'Lacepunk' thread on TMP and the LAF with new links.

Updated the glimpses at mid-18th C. esoteric / occult / secret 'services' and societies both on NPU and the MC blog Started a corresponding thread on both TMP and (more detailed) on the LAF -well,two complementary ones actually:, since cross-posting is not possible on fora; also two threads on the Odd Fellows Wargaming Lounge /

Hijacked a thread on the LAF and one on TMP about potentially inspirational movies.

Hijacked a thread on TMP about a new 18th C. Imagi-Nation in North America and three on the LAF, one about inspirational conversions, one about 'Playing Cthulhu with Brink of Battle' and one about 'Empire of the Dead'

Seized the excuse of an upcoming 'Hawkmoon' Eureka range to hijack 2 different threads on the LAF Fantasy board /, posting 'relevant' links.

Posted on the Odd Fellows Wargaming Lounge about available rules for 'Lacepulp' games / campaigns:

Joyously invaded (twice) a LAF thread 'Lacepunk/Clockpunk/Weird 1600–1700s', with a number of relevant links inserted in my posts.

Posted unsolicited suggestions about a 18th C. transposition of 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies'
and unsolicited comments about ornithopters

Practiced thread necromancy twice on the LAF / to 'advertise' a fellow wargamer's new endeavor "Tricornes and zombies"

Taking excuse of the Le Chevalier D'Eon Lacepulp anime I resurrected the 'Lacepulp: 18th C. vampyrs and werewolves' thread on TMP and the 'Lacepunk/Clockpunk/Weird 1600–1700s' & '18th C. Torchwood' on the LAF; also updated the 'Hellsing by Lace Wars times?' on the Royaumes de l'Imagination.

Posted on TMP about 'miniature girls for a Lost Continent' & on LAF asked for info about 'A Touch of Evil'

Hitch-hicked 3 TMP threads about miniatures: 1 about a 18th C. female adventurer
1 about a VSF female hero
1 about Lovecraftian 'Hounds'

Hitch-hicked on both the LAF and TMP a thread about this new set of '18th C. swashbuckling' rules to ask for 'weird' extras.

Posted on the LAF (and other fora) about Historical Lacepunk weapons, hitch-hicked a LAF thread about an IHMN game featuring Pirates of the Caribbean vs denizens of Atlantis & another about weapons in IHMN and (how could I resist?) a TMP one about the definition of 'Lacepunk'

Posted a suggestion about a self-propelled gun on a reversed Fardier hull on the Alternate History forum and about Robida-inspired Lacepunk heroines in miniature here and on the TMP and the LAF

Posted, firstly in French then in English (well, 'my' English ops: ) on the LAF (with an echo on TMP about 3 Lacepunk IHMN companies ± inspired from French movies, then less detailed outlines of 5 other ones equally ± inspired from movies rather unexpected in such context.

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#13 [url]

Aug 1 12 5:25 PM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

WEREWOLF - The Beast Among Us

could easily be turned into a Lacepulp adventure (with a touch of Lacepunk: fire siphon, Puckle machine-gun...).

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#14 [url]

Aug 9 12 2:08 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

A Devil in Jersey

"Bogdanwaz" (of 'Warfare in the Age of Reason' and 'Ben Franklin's War' fame) is publishing the report of an exciting Colonial Gothic Horror ('Clockworkpunk') adventure. A sparkling cast of dramatis personae (Moll Daggett appearing as the most interesting and resourceful character, with the richest personality, experience and vocabulary); a tremendously enjoyable humorous writing; eye-candy illustrations: not to be missed!

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#15 [url]

Aug 14 12 8:04 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

A 18th C. WITCHER?
or a whole brotherhood / sisterhood of them!

I know this video game only through Youtube, but the little I saw has gaming potential -even for the 18th C.

- The mission: to lift the curse changing periodically a lovely young woman into a murdering monster. Not an uncommon curse -think also, without the murderous aspect, Ladyhawke and the old French tale of the White Doe
If you don't want magic, for a 'Sci-Fi explanation' (Lacepunk rather than Lacepulp) the 'curse' can be the long lasting effect of a Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde-type drug, triggering cataclysmic crises by night time.

- The character: in a Lacepulp alternate 18th C. where monsters exist -even if parents "My mommy always said there were no monsters - no real ones - but there are" and governments deny knowledge- a (secret) society of professional, alchemically-enhanced monster hunters is almost compulsory.
Figurines-wise, a swashbuckler in 18th C. clothes: a 'leader' from a pirates range, a highwayman or more 'topically' a 'Gevaudan' type such as Fenryll chasseur de sorciere (also Brigade Games?)
Now in 'alternate' 18th C. not a few women take a 'manly' life and profession, so what about a sorceliere?
The A Touch of Evil game contains suitable (if not great) minis of both sexes

available separately but there is a rich choice of "tricorne'" female fighting minis that could be simply converted -give them a backet-hilted broadsword and a crossbow slung across the back and a quiver of bolts (supposedly some silver-tipped, some of naked wood), accessories widely available in 'medieval' ranges -Freebooter & others also have pistols, to be hanging from the waistbelt or / and strapped to the thighs, blunderbusses, muskets
If in suitable size, the 'NOT Anna Valerious"

'Lahmiane' looks like a natural choice.

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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#16 [url]

Aug 25 12 2:38 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

'Gothic Swashbuckling' RPG as sources of Lacepulp inspiration

Just discovered on the web 'All for one: Regime Diabolique'

The year is 1636 and France is a troubled nation. A great and terrible evil gnaws at its core and darkness stalks the land.
All that stands between chaos and order are the King’s Musketeers.
Explore a France of swashbuckling action, powerful magic, daring deeds, courtly intrigue, witty repartee, and vile monsters! The characters are France’s bravest and proudest defenders, the King’s Musketeers. Pitted against them is a plethora of corrupt nobles, black magicians, fell demons, and twisted secret societies. Set at the height of power of Cardinal Richelieu and Louis XIII, All for One: Régime Diabolique mixes the action of literary works such as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers with horror and intrigue to create a unique, vibrant setting.
Strap on your sword, salute the King, and prepare to cross swords with the creatures of darkness!

This version of All for One: Régime Diabolique is a musketeer roleplaying setting for Savage Worlds RPG."

The game is supported by a sourcebook and a number of (reportedly short and expensive ) pdf supplements.

I mentioned it on the LAF and TMP A comment mentioned another similar game 'Witch Hunter: the invisible world' /

Such RPG (plural: be eclectic, pick here and there ) can provide elements of background, ideas of scenarios and some game mechanisms for a campaign of 'skirmish' scale (think Morheim / Necromunda) played mainly with rules such as 'Gloire' or 'Chaos in Carpathia'

All 3 are intended for the time of the 3 Musketeers, but could equally be set, for the tricorne lovers among us (and those with a good collection of 'pirates' minis), in ca. 1745 AD in an 'alternate' France where the Fronde des Princes triumphed, thus the central power exerts no more control than a century earlier in 'our time line'. I used this setting decades ago to play 'Flashing blades' in a 'Lace Wars' environment and it worked quite well.

For games set in the 18th C. Freebooter Assassins *


and Carnevale [url]">[/url]


and Carnevale [url]

(is not this one reminiscent of a character in Barry Lyndon?)
spring to mind.
And if you need troops, what about Freebooter Arquebusières?

*: unfortunately the razorblades-edged fan looks as thick as a waffle iron. It was already the case with Shadowforge "NOT Sylvia in Brotherhood of the Wolf Scarlet Lady".
Btw it seems that, now that SF minis are sold by Eureka, the Laughing Monk range is no longer available? Too bad, it included several useful 18th C. 'Gévaudan' characters:

The subtitle of 'All for one: Regime Diabolique' is Paris Gothique: reminds me of Venisalle, the mid-18th C. 'quasi France' of the Marquis


aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
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Dec 18 12 6:32 AM

Re: 18th C.: Lacepulp and Lacepunk

With their tricornes, cuffs and kraftpistole all PP Cygnar 'Arcane Tempest Gun Mages' look more 'Lacepulp / Lacepunk' than 'Steampunk'.

In such 'alternate 18th C.' settings they could be used as monster / witch hunters, as the not-so-secret 'private army' ('Blackwood' because of 'Torchwood' rather than 'Blackwater'?) of the Priory of Scion or of the Grail Guardians or of the Hellsing Organization, as the King's Operatives in a 18th C. adaptation of 'Empire of the Dead', as Paladini di San Michele Arcangelo in the Inquisition / Opus Dei / Vatican service...

Societas Jesu: seal of the Cella Rerum Occultorum Calcinationis

PP minis are *huge*, but are likely to be compatible with other reputedly 'larger than 28mm' figurines:
Black Scorpion

Eureka (Shadowforge -Laughing Monk 'Not Brotherhood of the Wolf'


and Redoubt F&IW ones.

Some may complain ( that the 'tricornes' are cut at the angles, not merely bent as historically done.
Same 'problem' with the tricornes of some pirates, e.g. with 'Pirotess like' females such as the Freebooter one:

(I vaguely remember an even 'worse' one, but cannot locate her at the moment).

The same with the (author's own) illustrations of the 'Monster Blood Tattoo' series . .

Then the 'oddity' is barely noticeable when 28mm minis are seen en masse from some feet on the gaming table.
(&, MBT figurines would be welcome for 'Lacepulp . / Lacepunk' games, btw).

aka Cardinal Johan-Ludwig von Hausseinem in Christofberg, Elector Spiritual of the Reich of the Germans
aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

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