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includes unopened Battlefront FOW 15mm miscellaneous vehicles and troops New In Box

F407....3 x French Tank Commanders

I407.....1 x Italian Tank crews

A411....3 x USA Paratroop Artilery crew
A410....1 x USA Paratroop Command

$10 ea or bulk offer

also opened boxes of Battlefront FOW although new unused they have things wrong with them

Marder 11 7.5cm Pak 40/1 auf Gw 11 Ausf B SdKfz 131...this is missing tracks and gun...ie all metal parts $7

Hetzer 7.5cm le Panzerjager 38t this has its metal bits but has track units from the same side...it is possible to firt these as is if needed. $7

WWG25 Pak 40 AT Gun it has 2 guns out of 3 and no crew $7

4 x Tiger tanks [note: these are not Battlefront] but if I remember rightly they matched up size wise nicely with Battlefront FOW tigers but please go by the sizes given below....

1 x Tiger extremely nice pro diecast model...this model is better quality than FOW tiger and nice paint size 32mm x 57mm [including exhausts] $10

3 x Tigers these are toy diecast, the hull and turret once painted will look good but it is let down by the road wheels, once painted these 3 tigers will pass nicely on a 15mm battle table at gaming distance, size 35mm [track guards are slightly wider main body is very close] x 59mm [including exhausts], these tanks are so close in size it is very hard to tell the difference on the table. $15 for 3

Will separate...what do you want?

$10 per box or offer on bulk.

can usually ship 5 or 6 in a small registered prepaid satchel for $8.50 or more in a larger registered prepaid satchel for $13.50 which will be packed were possible in a box within the satchel.

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